Things To Keep In Mind During The Bride’s First Night Following The Wedding: Read On To Know More!!!

Your ‘First Night,’ also known as ‘Suhaag Raat,’ signifies the beginning of your journey as a married couple after a set of marriage customs. Newlyweds are intended to complete their marriage on this day, and for many couples who have never had sexual contact with their spouse, this night may be the first time they have sex with them. It might be as hard for the bride to minimize her anxiety levels for the first night in the middle of all the commotion. So, for the bride’s first night following the wedding, here are recommendations to keep in mind.

1. It’s nothing like what you see in movies

Weddings in India are known for staying all night. Furthermore, the physical exertion of those pre-wedding events, such as dancing and posing all night, may sap your energy. There’s a chance you won’t have the ‘perfect’ first wedding night you imagined in your head. It’s completely possible that you’ll do nothing but sleep for the next few days! Recognize that it’s fine to put your sleep first.

2. Keep lubricant on hand

This is your first night together, and despite the fact that you both know one other, the strain of this rite may make you nervous. Keep some lubricant on hand and make it your closest buddy for the night to ensure that everything flows well; it makes intercourse simpler, less painful, and more enjoyable. On the market, there are several lubricants (both oil-based and water-based). After conducting extensive investigation, select a suitable candidate.

3. On the first wedding night, not everyone bleeds

Due to a lack of knowledge or conventional beliefs, this idea has also encouraged the commonly held misconception that a girl must bleed on her wedding night to prove her virginity. Some women bleed after their first sexual encounter, whereas others do not. Both are quite ordinary. A woman’s hymen may stretch or rip the first time she has penetrative intercourse, leading her to bleed. This might also occur prior to her marriage as a result of high-intensity sports, tampons, masturbation, and other factors.

4. On the first night, awkwardness is OK

Living together, even if you had a fantastic romance or even a love marriage, is a completely different experience. All you have to do is accept it in all of its strangeness and pain. You must take a realistic approach. Allow yourself some leeway, drink your favourite alcoholic beverage with your partner, and unwind to avoid embarrassing situations with your spouse.

We realise that you may be apprehensive to ask others, so we’ve put up a list of ideas to make you feel less uneasy and more at ease on your most momentous day. We’re convinced you’ll have a better idea of things to remember on your first wedding night now.

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