When it comes to the most powerful tool for painting and sketching purposes, the Procreate app, with its advanced features, receives high and positive ratings. It offers users a complete artist box to help them draw creative sketches, beautiful paintings, aesthetics, and other types of eye-captivating illustrations. 

Procreate app allows you to obtain over 136 brushes, excellent canvas resolution, and advanced layer systems. You can also use various tools to combine different colors and produce great aesthetics perfectly. However, this commercial app is only available on the iOS platform, but you can still find several similar apps that support the Android platform. Check out these best alternatives for the Procreate app you can download anytime on your Android device.  

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This is an Art and Design app developed by Adobe. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the most outstanding procreate alternatives that you should try as it offers similar tools and features with Procreate. It also has the latest sketching features, which make the app better than the other conventional applications. 

You can use its advanced pens, markers, brush, ink, and other useful tools to create your original masterpiece. There are millions of users worldwide who primarily use the app for creating stunning pictures. In fact, the app gains high and positive ratings. Users praise its effective digital tools and features. 

Autodesk Sketchbook

For those inspiring artists and professionals who want to turn their artistic ideas into a compelling digital form, Autodesk Sketchbook is the perfect application tool. This is an award-winning painting and sketching Android and iOS application that will beautifully transform your art ideas into a great masterpiece. 

With its very neat user-interface, Autodesk Sketchbook acquires millions of users worldwide. From sketching to painting, the app provides everything you need for your masterpiece. It actually offers over 170 various brushes you can freely use to draw and customize your preferred style of arts. 

Tayasui Sketches

If you like the sense of sketching on papers, Tayasui Sketches app is a perfect tool for your artistic hands. You and the app are truly match made in heaven. Tayasui Sketches Android application offers a wide variety of pencils, realistic brushes, and other advanced tools that will allow you to sketch beautifully and share your arts with other users. 

The app doesn’t require you to sign up or register your personal information. You just have to download it for free on your device and enjoy its full features. It allows you to draw numerous sketches without any limitations. Download and install it now to experience its greatness. 

Art Flow: Paint Draw Sketch

Developed by Artflow Studio, Art Flow: Paint Draw Sketch is an all-in-one application initially designed to transform your mobile device into a digital sketchbook. The app offers an eraser, vector tools, 80 brushes for painting, and many more advanced tools that will surely produce a jaw-dropping masterpiece. 

Art Flow: Paint Draw Sketch is completely free. Thus, you can unlock and use its full potential without having to pay for a monthly fee. All tools are advanced, which you can use to convert all your imagination into digital art. 

MediBang Paint

If you are looking for the best comic creation app, MediBang Paint will surely give you the most creative digital comic book. It offers numerous brushes, premade backgrounds, different available fonts, and other useful comic-making and painting resources. 

MediBang Paint supports various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. You can download and install the app for free and enjoy its wonderful features. The app highlights its cloud saving feature, which means you can freely transfer your artworks from one platform to another. 

ibis Paint X

Initially based on the social drawing concept, ibis Paint X allows you to create several outputs and share it with everyone. You can also record yourself while sketching using this app and share it with millions of users worldwide. 

It generally offers 142 various kinds of brushes and parameters, vector tools, watercolors, and other advanced and impressive sketching and painting tools. ibis Paint X supports iOS and Android platforms, with over 120 million users around the world. You can download and unlock its advanced features for free. 

Drawing Pad

Initially designed for kids and adults, Drawing Pad is an addictive application tool to beautifully create different artworks using paintbrushes, realistic crayons, roller pens, and many more. This mobile art studio helps aspiring artists to make their dreams come true as it features different features and tools for creating stunning artworks where you can learn different art strategies. 


Choose the best one from the list above and match it with your own preference. All of these alternatives will satisfy you with its advanced and effective sketching and painting features. From paintbrushes, pens, to markers, their tools can give you the best artworks. Unleash your creativity through these digital platforms, share it with everyone, and inspire others.