TV Actress Vahbiz Dorabjee Gets Body-Shamed For Her Barbie Look, Actress’ Anger Erupts!

Vahbiz Dorabjee is a well-known TV personality. TV programmes such as ‘Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani’ and ‘Bahu Humari Rajinikanth’ helped the actress to gain recognition. Vahbiz is also known for her stylish outings. Despite this, she is frequently the focus of trolls. The actress recently released a video about the latest Barbie craze, which resulted in online trolls. Whereas Vahbiz has finally responded appropriately to the trolls.

Vahbiz Dorabjee Body-Shamed for her Barbie look

Let us tell you that Vahbiz Dorabji posted a reel video of herself on Instagram, where she flaunted her Barbie look in her own unique way. The actress was dressed in a floral costume, but some netizens did not like it, and Vahbiz began to get trolled. Not only that, but some people even body-shamed her. Vahbiz, on the other hand, took a shot at the trolls. He responded appropriately to the troll by putting on his Instagram story.

Responded to Trolls

The actress wrote after taking a troll class, “I am disappointed to see inappropriate comments on my Barbie video. Not Barbie, according to some, My name is Buffalo. For the first time, I saw such a barbie, as well as many others. It is terribly unfortunate that today’s girls are conforming to societal norms. But times have changed, and I refuse to conform to stereotypes. I’m standing up for all the girls who don’t stand up for themselves. They should also evolve with the times. Instead of judging us, think about your shallow character and work on becoming a better person. Now is the moment for society to modify its perception and cleanse itself of toxic beauty.

Her fans and Friends support her

Vahbiz, on the other hand, received a lot of support from his close friends and admirers after he posted this article slamming the trolls.