Urfi Javed-Orry’s Viral Collaboration Winning Netizens Hearts Online

Online audiences can’t seem to get enough of Uorfi Javed and Orry. Their magnetic presence captivates and holds onlookers’ attention. The duo were spotted together in Mumbai on Friday evening, and a day later, they shared a collaboration video which turned out to be hilarious. Fans highly praise their chemistry and mutual support.

Uorfi and Orry are masters at keeping their viewers entertained and chuckling through their amusing films, clever captions, and lively live streams.

Uorfi-Orry Hilarious Conversation

Recently a video featuring Orry-Uorfi Javed became popular online. Famous Bigg Boss OTT contestant Uorfi paired a black skirt with a blue butterflies-impersonating top. Contrarily, Orry sported a pair of torn jeans and a “YOLO” emblazoned purple t-shirt. “Uorfi ka dress mujhe bhot acha lagta h.”

Orry exclaimed to the paparazzi as the two posed together. “Mujhe to Orry ka kuch bhi chalega.” Uorfi said to Paps when they were having fun together. After seeing this, fans began to comment on the jodi of Uorfi and Orry.

Orry-Uorfi Javed Viral Video

Orry accursedly called Uorfi’s top “chidiya”(bird) while praising it. But Uorfi later corrected him, claiming that the butterfly on her dress was blue. Orry responded to the paparazzi’s request that he and Uorfi strike his signature stance by playfully saying, “Kidhar daalega hanth”(Where you will keep your hand?) while pointing to Uorfi’s front-knitted top. Uorfi said Orru, “Mujhe to chalega.”(I am fine with it) that means “don’t hesitate to keep your hands.” she said.

Netizens’ Reaction To Viral Video

Fans commented on the video; “They look good together.”  Other person penned, “This looks like such a wholesome friendship for some reason ☺️ cute!” A third person joked that they were the “Thank God “Milan Ho Gaya dono ka” 😂😂”

Another commented, “When two wonderful people are together undoubtedly creation is very creative 😍😍.” Other user wrote, “ICONIC COLLAB OF THE CENTURY.”

Uorfi Javed is known for her appearances in soap operas and her bold fashion statements that have gained her attention on social media. Orry has gained visibility by associating with well-known celebrities at high-profile events.