Why Did Katrina Kaif Get Angry With Father-In-Law Shyam Kaushal? Vicky Kaushal May Feel Bad After Listening

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif along with Uri star Vicky Kaushal took seven rounds among close friends and family members in Rajasthan on 9 December. After this, the process of pictures on social media started. Recently, Katrina shared a picture from her honeymoon in which she showed her bridal Mehndi. So a few days back, Kat had also done pictures of the first kitchen in her in-laws’ house. For the first time, she made pudding for everyone.

Amidst all these cute pictures, there was one picture that caught everyone’s attention was Vicky’s sangeet ceremony with father Shyam Kaushal. In the music, Katrina danced fiercely with her future father-in-law. Actually, Katrina has worked with Sham Kaushal in many films and is also quite friendly. In the year 2015, Katrina had a film ‘Phantom’ in which Saif Ali Khan was in the lead role. Sham Kaushal was also present on the set as the action director of this film. In an interview with Times during the promotion of Phantom, Katrina spoke about her action sequences in the film and said that she was very upset with Sham Kaushal. Katrina was upset as Sham did not allow her to fire a gun in one of the pivotal scenes of Phantom.

Katrina said that Saif and she were in a jeep in a small scene, and some Syrian army tanks approached him. In front of them, Saif had to jump towards a machine gun but had to fire at the army. When the shot was set, our action director (Sham) easily thought that the jeep driver and Saif would be wielding the gun, and she (Katrina) would hide near the door. Expressing his displeasure with Katrina, he said that a girl is asked to hide who is a RAW agent and she has taken war training, while Saif and the army men get a chance to shoot. Why was I asked there to shoot the gun? An angry Katrina then said, ‘When our Kabir Khan came on the sets, I told him that he was not ready to give me a gun. And Kabir told them (Sham and his team) that I should also be allowed to shoot. Till now it used to happen that Bollywood actresses are not allowed to operate guns, but I broke it.