Will Tina’s Departure From Bigg Boss Be A Temporary One?

Bigg Boss 16 is a competition full of drama and entertainment, and the contestants have done all imaginable to impress the audience. The presentation depicted a heartbreaking sight of Tina’s pet puppy going away in the real world.

Bigg Boss summons her into the confessional. After being alarmed by the notification, she chuckles that she doesn’t even comprehend why she has been called to attend the confession. When she enters the house, Bigg Boss informs her that she must temporarily depart due to an occurrence in her personal life outside the residence.

Tina Datta covers her face with astonishment. She learns that her beloved pet dog, Rani, has passed away. Bigg Boss instructs her to exit through the door on the right. Tina had an emotional breakdown when Bigg Boss informed her about Rani’s condition a week earlier, for those unaware.

Tina arrives home after some time, looking bewildered. Shalin tries to console her and inquires about the incident. Tina cries, “Please come outdoors with me” I must use the bathroom. Oh my gosh, I have the want to vomit. Today, my dog Rani died, according to Bigg Boss.”

Tina was seen weeping, and Shalin and Nimrit were caught trying to care for her as she was not doing well. Tina laments, “I am unable even to attend her funeral.”

Several photographs of Tina’s dog Rani were shared on her social media pages with the comment, “Rani departed this world but left Tina with a great deal of love!

Tina welcomed Rani into her family in 2010, and she has since become a member. In the same way that Rani will always be with Tinzi, our family members never leave us entirely. Tina’s adjustment to this loss at home will not be simple, but we know she is strong. Rani, may you rest in peace. @brunoranidatta.”