Cannes 2022: Fans Furious For Helly Shah Copying Hina Khan’s Red Carpet Look!

There has been a ruckus on social media with respect to the ‘Cannes Film Festival’. Bollywood and TV stars have begun making a bang entry in the ‘Cannes Film Festival’. Recently,TV actress Helly Shah has made her ‘Cannes Film Festival’ debut. On the Red carpet of ‘The Cannes Film Festival’, Helly Shah was seen displaying her magnificence.

Seeing Helly Shah at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’, her fans have begun bouncing with happiness. In this report, we will show you Helly Shah’s ‘Cannes Film Festival’ look.


Helly Shah made a grand entry on the red carpet of ‘Cannes Film Festival’. In the image, Helly Shah is seen presenting wildly before the media. In any case, there are certain people who are comparing Helly Shah’s ‘Cannes Film Festival’ look with Hina Khan. Hina Khan also made her first debut on the red carpet of ‘Cannes Film Festival’ in a grey colour outfit. Fans feel that Helly Shah has copied Hina Khan’s look.

Helly Shah showed up wearing a designer gown on the red carpet of ‘Cannes Film Festival’. Helly Shah has done light make up with this grey colour gown outfit. Helly Shah’s look is very desi in the photos. Helly Shah’s photos are turning out to be progressively popular on social media. Helly Shah, who entered the Cannes Film Festival interestingly, has won the hearts of everyone with her style.


Helly Shah’s ‘Cannes Film Festival’ look has shaken web-based entertainment. Fans can’t take their eyes off the photos of Helly Shah at the ‘Cannes Film Festival. According to media reports, Helly Shah will share the poster of her film Kaya Palt at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’. During this, Helly Shah will also promote her film furiously at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’.


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