Meiyang Chang Offers Gratitude To The Film Industry And Mumbai City On His Birthday!

Singer- Actor Meiyang Chang believes being in the Entertainment Industry is no less than a joy forever. According to him, it is not just the projects which keep me lifted up but also the fact that Chang feels “young at heart” while acting. As he turns 39- years- old, finds himself ageless due to the evergreen aura of Industry. Nothing kept him more zealous and charged, other than acting and singing.

Talking about nostalgia, he reminds himself how after pursuing dentistry he could have felt more aged. He says, “If I was still in dentistry I’d have thought, ‘Oh my god, I’m so old. Mumbai has kept me ageless.” He adds to it and says, “I could be 90 tomorrow, and still feel young, energetic and charged.”

Earlier, he had to quit his job as a dentist to follow his dreams. Unsure about the accountability of fortune, he was driven towards his passion. He decided to not be disturbed by any second thoughts and move to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

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Chang was never a party mood person. He says when he was a little child, boarding school never allowed him to celebrate. Later, as he grew older, he was occupied with academics and spent most of the time studying.

A little sneak- peek into his birthday plans tells us how this year it was a working birthday for him. Instead of being upset about it, he was happy to celebrate it as he was doing what he loves the most. As per a little factual detail, out of 14 years in Mumbai, he had spent 10 years working on his birthday. However, due to Covid-19, he could not celebrate his birthday last year as he was tested positive for covid. He says, “last year’s birthday was remembered for all the wrong reasons.”

To sum up, Meiyang Chang celebrates his birthday in the best possible way he admires. He is grateful for all the reasons to switch his career and choose his passion. He could not be happier following his dreams.