Salaar: Will Vivek Agnihotri’s The Vaccine War Conflict With Prabhas And Prashanth Neel’s Actioner?

The Vaccine War, directed by Vivek Agnihotri and starring Prabhas and Prashanth Neel, is rumoured to be in direct competition with Salaar, an anticipated high-budget action film. A frenzy has already been sparked among Prabhas and Prashanth Neel’s legions of loyal fans due to the teaser for their next film Salaar. In spite of Adipurush’s lack of success, followers of the Rebel Star Prabhas are looking forward to this film.

The KGF films are hauntingly conjured up by the enormous picture that is almost entirely composed of various hues of black and grey. The lead role in the film is played by Prabhas. The film also stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Shruti Haasan in separate roles. According to fan theory, it takes place in the time period after the KGF flicks. It is anticipated that Salaar would be a masala mass actioner that will have a significant impact at the box office, which resulted in the movie having a big budget.

Speculations on same day release

Now, industry expert Taran Adarsh claims that filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri would release his film The Vaccine War on the very same day. Regarding the same topic, he sent a tweet. Nana Patekar, Pallavi Joshi, and Paresh Rawal are three of the actors that play pivotal roles in the movie. It would indicate that he plans to release it with Salaar, much as how his first movie, The Kashmir Files, was released alongside RadheShyam in 2022.

The critically criticised film RadheShyam is reported to have incurred a loss of around Rs 120 crores at the box offices both domestically and internationally, in contrast to The Kashmir Files, which grossed approximately Rs 295 crores. Even though the film was accused of being propaganda by certain individuals, audiences from a wide variety of socioeconomic levels nonetheless attended to see it.

On the other hand, Vivek Agnihotri has not provided the public with any remarks on this issue. It will be necessary for us to monitor and see whether he makes a public statement regarding the issue. On the other hand, it seems as though there will be enough time for both films on that day!