Salman Khan, Mamata Banerjee Dance At Kolkata International Film Festival 2023

The Kolkata International Film Festival 2023 began on Tuesday. Various Bollywood celebrities such as Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha and many more were present at its opening ceremony. Brand Ambassador for West Bengal, Sourav Ganguly was also present at the opening ceremony. The highlight of the evening was when Salman Khan invited Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to join, and she also shook a leg on the song sung by Arijit Singh with Salman and Mahesh Bhatt.

Various Bollywood celebrities at The Kolkata International Film Festival 2023

Salman Khan also appreciated the simplicity of Mamata Banerjee’s residence in Kalighat, which he had visited a few months ago. “Her house is actually smaller than mine. And I am jealous of the fact that how can somebody in this position have a house which is smaller than mine. Now I don’t wish for a smaller house, but she has given me a big complex. That only shows how simple her people are and we don’t need that much,” Salman Khan said during his address, leading to an applause.

Salman Khan lives in a modest 1 Bedroom-Kitchen-Hall (BHK) apartment on the ground floor of Galaxy Apartments, in spite of being such a huge star. Mamata Banerjee also continues to live in her modest home at Kalighat in Kolkata. After becoming Chief Minister, she did not shift into any official residence.

The Kolkata International Film Festival 2023 began on Tuesday

Actor Shatrughan Sinha who is a Trinamool Congress Member of Parliament from Asansol also spoke at the event. Sinha said, “Mamata Didi has brought stars, actors into politics. Hats off to her. People say you are in art and culture, you are in cinema, why are you going there? What will you get out of politics? Today is not the day of politics but I want to say, share a simple quotation. Good people must come forward from any field and come into politics. I have also come because of this quotation only. If good people are not willing to enter into politics, they should be ready to be governed by the bad people.”

Sonakshi Sinha also echoed that sentiment by saying, “Mamata Didi, I have watched you on TV and you look tough and strong, but you are actually we very sweet and very nice.”

Mamata Banerjee also welcomed everyone to the event. She said, “Bengal is not afraid, and it loves India. Nobody can divide us. We are universal and we are for humanity.”