Vivek Oberoi Reveals About His Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts; Wanted To What Sushant Singh Rajput Did

Bollywood Actor Vivek Oberoi also made significant revelations about his mental health. Drawing an example from Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, he also suggested addressing issues like suicide.

In a recent interview given to Humans of Bombay, Vivek Oberoi has once again drawn everyone’s attention to this issue by opening up about his mental health. He revealed that he has also experienced dark phases in his life, during which he had suicidal thoughts similar to Sushant Singh Rajput.

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi mentioned that he was among the few people who attended Sushant’s funeral

Especially when things were not going well in his personal and professional life. However, my family supported me and pulled me through. Vivek mentioned that he was among the few people who attended Sushant Singh Rajpoot‘s funeral.


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He said, “At that time, seeing Sushant, I was thinking, if only you could see what has happened because of your departure, if you could see the condition of the people who loved you, you would never take this step.”

Speaking about overcoming the tough phases of life, Vivek Oberoi said, “I was fortunate to have a home, a family that supported me during that time. I used to sit on the floor and cry in my mother’s lap like a child. I used to wonder, why did this happen to me? One day I cried for 40 minutes, and my mother asked when you were winning awards, gaining fame, and love, did you ever ask why me then?”

Sushant Singh Rajpoot

The actor also suggested a way to deal with suicidal thoughts. He said, “Whenever you feel like ending your life, speed up your mind, think about what you will do with those who love you if you end your life. Do you want to hurt your loved ones? No, push yourself towards love and light.”


If you need support or know someone who does, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist. Helplines: Aasra: 022 2754 6669; Sneha India Foundation: +914424640050 and Sanjivini: 011-24311918